Carousels is one of several websites sponsored by OMNINET-MEDWORD LLC registered in United States of North America in partnership with the INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FUND “OMNI-NET FOR CHILDREN” registered in Ukraine.

Our carousels blend the ideas in images with the notions in words. The aim is to promote effortless understanding and memorization of English medical terminology, clinical symptoms and signs and the mental process conducive to a diagnosis.

There are 3 types of carousels:
- A VIDEO presentation of highlights;
- A FULL CAROUSEL for each user to engage in "HANDS ON" personal explorations;
- A BASIC CAROUSEL for a quick view of contents.

NEW VISITORS may benefit from viewing a 3 minute "BEST USE" introductory video (click on the icon below).

3 minute "BEST USE" introductory video

"HANDS ON" exploration of a carousel on the theme of ALCOHOL