OMNINet - MedWord LLC and OMNI-Net Ukraine seek to prevent and ameliorate the burden implicit in developmental anomalies. The MedWord component concerns international perspectives with an emphasis on contents in English. Perspectives in Ukraine are presented separately (click on icon on the upper right corner). Four companion websites (see icons on the right) provide additional information and training modules to the international and Ukrainian MedWord components. 

The contents in MedWord include an emphasis on education and training. The presentations are in English (medical "lingua franca"). In essence, our efforts concentrate on image intensive presentations to promote “Open Eyes” combined with “Open Minds”. These contents are augmented by the contents in the companion websites: "Clinical Eye Openers"; "Pandora Word Box"; "International Birth Defects Information Systems"; and "Ukrainian Teratology Information System" (click on the respective icons on the right).

Finally, life should be fun. In this spirit, our websites include contents that could be regarded as fun or diversions. The most prominent of such entries are "carousels".



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