We trust that our efforts will engender new “Open Eyes” and “Open Minds”. Our organization seeks to reduce the burdens associated with developmental disorders and tour goal is to promote earlier recognition of signs, their interpretation as signals, as diagnoses, formulation of therapies, and implementation of prevention interventions. Our strategy is to stress linkages inherent in visual, literary, and auditory signs. Decades of accrued experience and contents induced the need for companion websites to offer distinct perspectives.  “Dysmorphology” is a convenient unifying term blending fact emerging from the disciplines of Clinical Teratology, Genetics, and Preventive Medicine with the necessities of patients, parents, clinicians and scientific investigators. 

Finally, life should be fun. In this spirit, our websites include contents that could be regarded as fun or diversions. The most prominent of such entries are "carousels".

W. Wertelecki, M.D. 



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