International Charitable Fund "OMNI-Net for Children" (OMNI-Net Ukraine). Міжнародний благодійний фонд “ОМНІ-мережа для дітей” (ОМНІ-мережа).
Mission: sustain prevention and care programs of developmental anomalies in Ukraine.
International Birth Defects Information System (I.B.I.S.) is a multi-lingual website dedicated to promoting better care and prevention of birth defects through information sharing.
Mission: facilitate access to international sources of information.
Clinical Eye Openers (CEO) site - jointly with OMNI-Net Ukraine implements the goal to enhance the recognition of signs, their interpretation as signals, and their synthesis into syndromes and diagnoses. However, CEO contents are insufficient regarding specific diagnoses and therapies. In essence, CEO is a teaching/learning resource inclusive of practicums and other didactic modules.

PANDORA WORD BOX (PWB) is a veritable pictorial gallery with emphasis upon medical terminology blended with medical humanism. 
UKRAINIAN TERATOLOGY INFORMATION SYSTEM (UTIS) is a database providing information on medications and other environmental factors that may damage the unborn (teratogens). UTIS information is in Ukrainian. 
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