International Charitable Fund "OMNI-Net for Children" (OMNI-Net Ukraine). Міжнародний благодійний фонд “ОМНІ-мережа для дітей” (ОМНІ-мережа).
International Birth Defects Information System (I.B.I.S.) is a multi-lingual website dedicated to promoting better care and prevention of birth defects through information sharing.
The CEO site is one of several websites sponsored by Omninet-MedWord LLC registered in United States of North America in partnership with the INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FUND “OMNI-NET FOR CHILDREN” registered in Ukraine. The editor is Dr. W. Wertelecki, M.D., who is a Pediatrician and Medical Geneticist.

PANDORA WORD BOX (PWB) is a veritable pictorial gallery or works by outstanding artists who inherently excel in conveying their ability to see and their grasp of human nature - in fact, fine arts is a language that transcends time and linguistic barriers. PWB is not a repository of clinical images.
UKRAINIAN TERATOLOGY INFORMATION SYSTEM (UTIS) is one of several websites created with the support of OMNINET-MEDWORD LLC, registered in the United States of America, in partnership with the International Charitable Foundation of Ukraine. UTIS contains information on the effects of drugs and environmental and internal factors (teratogenic factors) on the fetus, pregnant woman and breastfed infant.

UNDER REVIEW! A series of “Basic Elements of Teratology/Dysmorphology in Clinical Practice” webinars describe the principles, terminology, visual elements, and other basic components to prepare clinicians to better grasp clinically oriented webinars. The emphasis is on visual and terminology elements. In other words, the BASIC DESCRIPTIVE WEBINARS precede “TOPOGRAPHIC” WEBINARS and PRACTICUMS stressing combinations of informative visual clinical signs, signals, syndromes, etc. Webinars often are expanded by supplements and include links to further sources of information.

CAROUSELS - A blend of ideas in images with the notions in words, and occasionaly with music. The aim is to promote effortless understanding and memorization of English Medical Terminology, clinical symptoms and signs and the mental process conducive to a diagnosis.
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