The contents are in English and emphasize that English is the lingua franca of Medical Terminology and parlance. 
OMNI-Net Medword LLC is a partner of OMNI-Net Ukraine which shares many of the contents presented in Ukrainian. OMNI-Net Medword LLC welcomes partners interested in adapting contents to other vernacular languages. 

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Visual Galleries/Videos of Dysmorphic* Syndromes are presented in “Clinical Eyes Openers” 
Teratogenic* Medications are described in the “Ukrainian Teratology Information System” 
Clinical Extracts and sources are found in “International Birth Defects Information System”

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* Teratogens: particular agents (genomic or environmental) that disrupt development in particular ways.
Dysmorphology: visually detectable alterations of growth and shape patterns.
Notice: the contents presented seek to enhance visual and verbal literacy. The contents are not sufficient nor have the intent to sustain aims of diagnosis and clinical management.
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